General Errands & Shopping * Day of Event Coordinator * Gift Assistance * Reminder Service * Special Projects * Supervise Move * Organizing Home/Office

The Go-To Gal concept was conceived  during the 2009 Christmas season as a way to earn extra holiday money.  Seeing how busy her friends and clients were during the season, and not being able to enjoy and participate in all the ways they wanted – an idea developed.  Shannah took it a step further realizing that many people had more on their plates than they could finish all year long!  And a business was born in order to help people regain their time to use in the ways they really want – and still take care of all of life’s errands.

Rates Start At $37/Hour (2 hour minimum)  —  Ask For Pricing On Special Projects

Austin * Horseshoe Bay * Marble Falls * Lakeway * Cedar Park * Round Rock * San Antonio


99 %


We LOVE getting to all the errands you simply don’t have time to do.

20 %

Public Speaking

We prefer to work behind the scenes so you can shine.

92 %


There’s nothing like coming home to an organized life.

96 %

Time Management

Of course we have to rock this skill. YOU depend on us! 


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